• Step-by-step check for fleas

    The sooner the better is the best approach to finding out if there are fleas on your dog or cat. And the best way to find out is to make checking your pet part of your routine. Follow these steps:

    1. Have your pet or cat stand over a white countertop, bed sheet or piece of paper.
    2. Part the hair so you can see the skin. Use a comb if your dog or cat is long haired.
    3. Run your fingers through the fur and shake, especially in the neck and tail regions.
    4. Look for evidence of fleas, like the flea dirt (the feces fleas produce and leave on your pet). Small specks that look like pepper could be flea dirt.
    5. Add a drop of water to the specks to confirm. They will turn a dark brownish red color if they are flea dirt. That’s because it is actually flea droppings, which is digested blood.
    6. Look for small, irritated red spots on the skin that can indicate bites. These can occur anywhere but are most common in warmer areas of the body.
    7. Scratching can be a sign there are fleas on your dog or cat. However, itching and scratching alone is NOT a sign and may indicate other conditions that need your attention.

    If your pet check confirms there are fleas, don’t wait. There are many types of products available to eliminate fleas in all their stages of development. Be sure to follow directions for the safety of your pet and your household.