• Begging

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    It starts with a look and can progress to sniffing around the table during mealtimes. Eventually, begging becomes an interruption to meals as your dog or cat paws your leg or arm, gets into your lap or even tries to reach food on the table or counter. If your pet is like most, it’s rarely hunger that drives this behavior. So it’s important that you address the behavior problem immediately and consistently.

    There are several ways to stop begging behavior problems in dogs and cats. Sometimes it begins with training yourself to stop giving in. It’s also important to make sure other members of your family stand up to your pets. Be sure that visitors and guests understand the rules and help to not feel guilty about keeping their food all to themselves.

    A combination of pheromone technology and training is an effective way to address begging by your dogs and cats. You can tailor your efforts to your specific situation.

    Pheromone Therapy

    Persistent begging behavior by dogs and cats can be addressed with one spray of Sergeant’s Vetscription PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray (dog, cat) while your pet is in the act. The noise gets your pet’s attention while the spray releases a naturally occurring calming chemical. Once calm, redirect your dog to the designated area.

    Another effective tool for behavior problems like begging is the regular use of a Sergeant’s Vetscription Calming Collar (dog, cat). It constantly releases pheromones to reduce overall excitability, while training techniques help to reinforce positive behaviors.

    Training Tips

    Under no circumstances should you give in to your dog’s or cat’s begging behavior. Even just a little scrap or a single time can start the behavior over again. Here are a few ways to address the problem.

    • Try to schedule mealtimes for your dog or cat at the same time you are eating — making sure they know what is their food and what is yours.
    • Ignore your pet’s attempts to get your attention.
    • Redirect pets to go lay down.
    • If begging is severe, put the pet in another room or area where they cannot beg.
    • Do not feed dogs or cats table scraps or allow them to eat from your plate — even after meals. It can lead to obesity and encourage continued begging.
    • Consider giving your dog or cat special toys to be played with during mealtimes — ones that do not require your participation.