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    While it sometimes seems like a calculated act designed to wreak havoc on your lawn and flower beds, digging is a natural activity for dogs and a hard behavior to change. The reasons dogs dig are varied.

    For some dogs, digging is a great source of entertainment and a way to ferret out prey. The holes might also be a source of comfort and protection in hot weather — or even the means of escape. Your dog’s digging might be his way to get your attention.

    While it will take some work to break your dog of this digging behavior, there are great training tools and tips that can help.

    Pheromone Technology

    Like most behavior problems, the most direct way to let you dog know the digging is not acceptable is to catch him or her in the act and immediately discourage it. Use a spray of Sergeant’s Vetscription PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray (dog) to get his attention with its distinctive noise that sends a clear message to stop.

    Regular use of a Sergeant’s Vetscription Calming Collar (dog) will also reduce your pet’s overall level of stress that is often a cause of inappropriate digging.

    Training Tips

    The way you approach training for your dog’s digging behavior will depend on why he digs. Take a look at the tips below to put to use with your dog.

    • If your dog digs holes near your house, a shade tree or water source and then lays in them, consider putting a shelter in your yard and provide water in a bowl that cannot be tipped over.
    • If your dog digs along the fence, by trees or where burrowing animals may live, use a method for relocating these creatures and see if the digging behavior stops.
    • If your dog needs entertainment, be sure to provide plenty of toys to keep him busy.
    • You should also consider spending more time with your dog, playing and taking more frequent walks.
    • If your dog doesn’t seem to want to stop, consider creating a “digging” area in your yard and encourage him to confine his activity there.