• Fear of Loud Noises

    • Calming Collars
    • Calming Diffuser

    Loud noises such as thunder or fireworks can create extreme stress and fear in your dog. This can cause them not only emotional distress, but can also lead them to dangerous behaviors like trying to escape or initiating destructive behaviors.

    Worse yet, your dog may begin to associate the noise with other things that he or she connects with the noise that frightens her. For dogs that fear thunder, the appearance of dark clouds and wind may trigger fear. Loud noises like fireworks may make the dog afraid to go in the backyard or front yard if that’s where fireworks were set off.

    While there may not be a way to get your dog to ever “like” loud sounds, there are ways to give her a better way of dealing with it. Pheromone technology and training can help.

    Pheromone Technology

    Getting to a place where your dog feels safe is one important step. Your pet’s ”safe” place should also have a Sergeant’s Vetscription Calming Diffuser (dog, cat) that continuously emits calming pheromones.

    A Sergeant’s Vetscription Calming Collar (dog, cat) offers calming pheromones that go wherever your pet does, helping him even more. Together these things can keep the dog safe and feeling secure.

    Training Tips

    Whatever you do, don’t try to force your pet to stay with you and “get used to” the loud noises that are terrifying him. Instead, try a few of these recommendations.

    • Create a safe place for your dog to go based on the area that she tries to go — like in the basement, your bedroom or behind the sofa.
    • Make sure the special place is somewhere she can come and go freely.
    • Run a fan or radio to help distract from the noise he fears.
    • Try distracting your dog with favorite toys or activities just as he becomes anxious about the approach of a storm or sporadic firework sounds — rewarding him with praise.
    • Talk to your vet or animal behavior specialist for behavior modification ideas that you can use to help reduce your dog’s fears.
    • Some things you shouldn’t do are trying to reassure or soothe her as it may be interpreted as a reward and you should never punish your dog or put her in a crate as it will only add to her fears.