• Jumping

    • Sergeants Stop That!™ Behavior Correction Spray

    It’s natural for a dog to greet people by jumping up on them. But this can be annoying to you and frightening for people who don’t know your dog well. If your dog has been outdoors, it can leave clothes with dirt and paw prints.

    While your dog may have started jumping instinctively, the behavior continues because we don’t always do a good job letting the dog know that the behavior is unacceptable. What’s more, we don’t do it consistently, so there’s no way for the dog to learn a different behavior.

    That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it. Quite the opposite.

    Pheromone Technology

    An effective tool is Sergeant’s Vetscription PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray (dog). Spray it when your dog jumps inappropriately. It will get his attention and stop his behavior immediately. Then you can redirect him to more positive behavior.

    Training Tips

    A great start to getting you dog to stop jumping is to manage the situation when your dog jumps and to eliminate responses that can be perceived as rewards by your dog, such as scolding. Whatever you decide to do, make sure everyone in your household understands what is required.

    • Keep your greetings low key and brief to keep the excitement from building.
    • Provide your dog with a different way of greeting you and others such as sitting. Every time the dog sits when someone enters, he is rewarded. When he stands or jumps the “visitor” folds her arms and turns her back without talking or making eye contact. This requires practice.
    • If your dog jumps on you when you’re sitting, stand up and just ignore him until he is standing with all four feet on the ground.