• Put Your Best Paw Forward

    When it comes to pet training, it’s great to imagine precision tricks, performed at the slightest command. But at its basic best, training is a way to let dogs and cats understand what we expect of them — and teach them how to adopt the behaviors that make them such wonderful members of the family. This is especially true when our dogs and cats have problem behavior, whether they’re young or old.

    While there’s no limit to the information you can get about training dogs and cats on the Internet, taking part in training programs at your local humane society or with a private trainer can be a great first step. At the humane society, classes are usually held in groups and focus on general behaviors. Private trainers can arrange to work with you and your pet individually to address a specific behavior, particularly aggression issues.

    In either case, training lets you interact with an animal behavior specialist who will show you techniques for training, explain the reasoning behind them and help make sure you’re able to perform the training yourself once you get home. That consistency and frequency of training is important to get your dog or cat in the habit of good behavior. Your veterinarian can also be a valuable resource in helping you to uncover any underlying reasons for your pet’s behavior problem — especially if it’s related to a physical condition. Under no circumstances should you be violent to an animal.

    To get started, find the behavior below that you would like to address in your dog or cat. Click on the link to find out more about the behavior problem and ways to address it:

    Problem Behaviors

    Problems Calming Collar Calming Diffuser Stop That Noise and Pheromone Spray
    Barking at Visitors
    Barking at Incessantly
    Fear of Loud Noises  
    Fear of New Environment  
    Fear of Traveling    
    Fear of Visiting the Vet or Groomer    
    Not Coming When Called    
    Pulling on the Leash  
    Separation from Pet Parent  
    Whining for Attention