• Whining for Attention

    • Calming Collars
    •  Sergeants Stop That!™ Behavior Correction Spray

    Whining is one of the ways your dog communications with you. He may do it as a greeting or to get attention from you. Or he may use whining in response to a stressful situation like pet-owner separation or because he perceives a threat or aggression directed at him.

    If you’ve ruled out an injury or medical condition, you can help to reduce or eliminate your dog’s whining through the use of pheromone technology products and with training that addresses the reason behind your dog’s whining.

    Pheromone Technology

    Because of the scientifically proven calming effects of pheromone technology products, many pet owners find they are successful at changing their dog’s whining behavior when they use these products. The Sergeant’s Vetscription Calming Collar (dog, cat) helps reduce your pet’s stress that can lead to the whining behavior. It’s especially effective for active dogs because it’s with them wherever they go.

    You can also use a spray of Sergeant’s Vetscription PetSTOP! Behavior Correction Spray (dog, cat) when your dog is whining. This will allow you to redirect their attention to something more positive.

    Training Tips

    In addition to making sure your dog has plenty of time to interact with you, there are others steps you can take to address excessive whining. The effectiveness of these will depend on the cause behind your dog’s behavior.

    • If your dog holds its ears back, tucks in its tail and takes other submissive actions, you may want to find ways to build his confidence through rewards-based training or by playing interactive games like fetch and tug.
    • For whining during greetings, you need to understand that the behavior is part of the excitement of visitors so keeping greetings short and simple can help. It’s also a good idea to redirect your dog to other activities that encourage other behavior.
    • For dogs seeking attention, a good strategy is to ignore the dog, folding your arms and turning your back, without making eye contact or speaking. This will teach him that being quiet is the best way to get your attention.