• Oh No, We Have Fleas! What Now?

    If you weren’t able to prevent a flea infestation, you’ll have to tackle the problem by treating it. Getting rid of these nasty little pests is possible with a three-step program and some patience. Remember, fleas go through four stages of development, so it may take some time to completely eliminate an infestation.

    ALWAYS remember that MORE is not BETTER, when it comes to flea products for dogs and cats. Read package directions very carefully to avoid using multiple on-pet products when they have active ingredients that can overdose a pet or become unsafe when used together. This can have serious health consequences. Following package directions will ensure you safely and effectively wipe out an infestation.

    Treat your pet.
    Bathe your animal to eliminate dirt and treat flea infestations. Use a flea comb to remove flea dirt (feces) and dead fleas. Since fleas don’t actually grasp on to your pet’s hair, many will come out in the water or comb.
    Determine which type of product to use on your pet. Many people prefer the convenience and effectiveness of monthly topical squeeze-on products. Traditional treatment options are good too, such as dips, shampoos, powders, collars and sprays. Whatever type of product you choose be sure to read and follow the package instructions very carefully.
    Treat the home.
    As a good first step, wash pet bedding, vacuum carpets and treat with household insecticide sprays, powders and foggers. Again, when using any type of pesticide products for your home, be sure to read and follow the package instructions carefully. When vacuuming, be sure to empty the canister or bag immediately and throw out the contents to remove any flea eggs or larvae.
    Treat the yard.
    Don’t forget to spray around your yard and treat around the foundation of your home to kill any flea population lurking outside. While the on-pet treatment will probably help repel or kill ticks they pick up outside, you also want to focus on eliminating the population outdoors to end your infestation sooner!