• Mosquitoes and Disease

    For dogs, cats and humans, mosquitoes can present quite a problem. They spread a wide variety of diseases including these:

    Canine Heartworm. This life-threatening disease is actually caused by a roundworm. The roundworm is transmitted through bite of a mosquito carrying worm larvae that was ingested by feeding on the blood of an infested dog. The symptoms can be no more than an occasional cough in the earliest stage. This can grow in severity to more frequent coughing and an intolerance to exercise. In severe cases, there may be symptoms of anemia, labored breathing and fainting in addition to problems with exercise.

    West Nile Virus. This dangerous disease is spread between birds and mosquitoes and then transmitted to humans. It is NOT transmitted directly from pet to person, person to pet, pet to pet, or person to person. It is rare that a dog bitten by an infected mosquito develops the disease.